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We Speak Your Language: MLM!

Your Direct Sales company is expanding beyond your borders. Not only do they speak a different language where you want to expand and build, but our industry has its own jargon too, which is why you need Yavaway.


We can serve you best, because we can translate your material into every language, and we speak MLM too.


Don't just think of us as a Language Service Provider or Translation Agency; we are an extension of your international marketing department. Through our specially trained linguists and our technology platform, we can translate ALL of your materials, keep a searchable cloud-based record of them and deliver them to you quickly in any format you desire.



Our Linguists are experienced in Network Marketing terminology.



Over 50 file formats. We translate and deliver the way you want.



Your material will be reviewed 'In Context' to ensure accuracy.



We work in all time zones & automate our quotes for speed & efficiency.

Our linguists understand Multi-Level Marketing – they know what a 'rollup fast-track bonus' is - they know not to use terms that could get you into legal hot water.
You get specialized translation with complimentary Proof and 'In Context' Review at all-inclusive rates from $0.149 per word.

Submit your documents, videos, or websites AS THEY ARE and get them back translated – AND in the same format – ready to use.
CMS – we can translate all of your site updates automatically, if desired, so you can keep the field up to date with the latest contest promotion or announcement.

A Post-translation review 'in context' is included. Together with your localized marketing manager, our linguists look at your final result the way a prospect sees it.


That's the only surefire way to know if the translation is correct – a service NOT done by other agencies unless purchased separately.

Not only do we provide specialized translation at prices lower than other language providers and freelancers, we are used to RUSH work.
We also database each of your translated projects and don't charge you for text strings that we have already translated in the past, like taglines and product ingredients.

Did You Know that Yavaway Specializes in Video?

Subtitling, Captioning, Synchronizing, Voice Over, Rush Delivery – We do it all. Not only do we translate any video, Yavaway will encode your subtitles or captions into your video, so it can be played over any device without loss of visual quality – perfect for prospects who are fully engaged with their smart phones.

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96% of the DSN 100 Are International and Expanding. Are You?

Yavaway is the only translation agency in the world specializing in servicing Direct Sales / Network Marketing companies.

From start to finish, the process of taking your important sales material, policies & procedures, or compensation explanation into a new language is done by seasoned translators who have been trained in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and have access to Yavaway's exclusive MLM terminologies database.

We have worked with big MLM giants, some with over 30 languages to service, and we know how to meet tight deadlines.