What is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to deliver what you want translated to Yavaway, and how is that different from the competition?

Imagine that your boss asked you to take care of the yearly office carpet cleaning. Heck, we’ve all had a boss like that once in our lives, who asked us to do something well beneath our job description.

Yavaway is a translation Genie

I mean, we’ve all had bad bosses. I can tell you I once worked for a boss that was so mean, this was his favorite story that he told each new employee just to help them get acquainted with his management style:

The CEO of a large company was walking to the cafeteria along with two of his secretaries. Upon tripping on a bottle, a genie appeared and asked the threesome if they would like to each make a wish.

The first secretary excitedly exclaimed, “I wish I was on a beach on a tropical island!”

Immediately her wish was granted.

The next secretary proclaimed, “I wish I was on a tour of France!”

Immediately her wish, too, was granted.


Being that it was now his turn to make a wish, the CEO exclaimed:

“I want the two of them back in their offices right after lunch!”


Welcome to the team.

Okay, back to your task, having the office carpet cleaned.

You call two different cleaning agencies, and they each give you a different offer:

  1. Please take your carpet, roll it up, and deliver it to our cleaning plant.
  2. We will come in over the weekend and move all the furniture, clean your carpet, and Monday morning it will look as good as new.

Which one would you choose?

Of course, you would choose option 2, easy, simple, smart, and the least disruptive.  It’s a no-brainer decision.

Yet most of the translation agencies out there, especially the cheap kind, demand you send your text translation needs in an MS Word Doc, instead of just giving them the original source files, (like a website address, or an InDesign file, PowerPoint, etc.).

So now you have to assign staff to copy your text from one medium to another – just to save a few cents on your translating. Once you factor in the time for needlessly copying and pasting into Word, the costs add up.

Now add in the other factor:  Because you also get your translation back in Word, you have even worse problems.

You will drive your graphics team nuts, because they have to figure out how to put this new unknown language back into the original English format – not understanding anything that is in front of them – forced to guess how to jam in all the longer text into the same space that the English text was.

They will have no clue how bad it really looks, until it’s live and laughed at by your company’s prospects on the other side of the planet.

Too many times we see this. That’s why we will tell you, “Send us your source files.” Period.

And guess what?

We send your translated files back to you in the same format you sent them – ready for you to use – no messing about with graphics, etc.

What about Video?

Same thing. Really.

Just send us your videos and we will:

  • Translate them
  • Add the subtitles
  • And/or arrange for voice talent to do an audio version in the target language.


You get it ready to post and use. No messing about.

Now I know you are not likely to trip over a bottle and have a genie do your translating, but when you use Yavaway, it’s like having a genie on your team.

Call me anytime to guide you through the process of getting your material ready for your next target market.