Translation in context, or how not to make a complete fool of your company

Everything is about context.

When I speak to my little girl, Angie, and say in my soft daddy voice, “Hey, stinky, time for you to have a bath,” she smiles, laughs, and giggles on her way to the washroom.

But, no matter what voice I used, if I said the same thing to my wife, I’d be locked out of the house for days.

Same words, but it’s all about context.Yavaway gets your translation right.

Same in politics.

Marko Rubio was laughed at because of this quotation:

“40% of the people who come here illegally come legally.”

As it stands, alone, it sounds pretty Dan Quayle – i.e. absurd. But in the full context of the conversation about how 40% of illegal immigrants came via legal ways, like tourists, etc., then overstayed, becoming illegal, it makes sense.

Context is the only way to accurately judge an idea. Even the simplest of ideas can become monstrous, if the context is not known.

For example, in translation, the word “Downline” can be translated by cheap translation companies as “broken line” or “underline” or “descendant” or as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary: “down the railway line”

So you won’t realize that your CEO is now quoted as saying, “The best way to increase the size of your descendants is to sell more Diet-Juice.”

That’s why at Yavaway we want to see your original media. We want to see what is being translated. We don’t just want the text string that you need in your target language.

When we know the context, we know the right word – or idea – that needs to be in your PowerPoint or Video.

We won’t hand you back “a Rubio” – or anything that would make people laugh or wonder.

The fact that we review your translation “in context” is one of the main reasons we have been called “the best translation agency for MLM companies.”

Call me anytime to help you with your company’s needs.

Consider us a part of your marketing team, because we won’t let your image get tarnished.