Worst Translation Mistake Ever! (And how to avoid it)

Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Well, in 2009, the HSBC bank spent over ten million dollars to fix a translation mistake.

Their slogan was “Assume Nothing.”

However, it showed up as “Do Nothing” in various countries.

It’s funny, but it’s sad.

Most translation agencies don’t review “in context” – meaning the translator reviews the translation within the context of the actual ad, or website, or PowerPoint, etc.

Had this been done, any translator would have contacted his agency to ask if it makes sense to suggest to potential bank prospects to “do nothing.”

At Yavaway, we often get these types of questions.

It’s because of the jargon of our industry.

Our teamMLM - translation by Yavaway of translators have experience in our industry. Still, sometimes even an old pro notices a new phrase or something weird.

You and I know what we mean by “pre-pre-launch” and “no breakage”, but imagine using a translation agency without any connection to our industry.

Your rush job hits your website without getting a review, you keep your fingers crossed, and later you learn that your site now says this:

We don’t want people to think of our company being broke [no breakage] during our start before we start and re-start [pre-pre-launch].

So in order to make your expansion into a new market a success, make sure you can trust your translation. Make sure your agency understands your industry and your jargon.

Yavaway is the best MLM Network Marketing Direct Sales industry translation service.

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