No Dairy for Network Marketing? How a badly translated slogan created a marketing disaster in Spain

You don’t have to be an MLM company to have problems – we have our own – but traditional companies that rely just on mainstream marketing have to really be very careful before engaging in a multi-million dollar campaign.

So you’d think.

Remember the famous and highly successful Dairy Marketing Associations’ “Got Milk” campaign?

Sure you do.

Everyone had the “Got Milk” mustache. Kids got into the act, and it sold a lot more milk. Milk was fun again and “trending”. So the campaign expanded to Europe.

But the result in Spain caused a few people to toss up their milk when they read the new slogan:

“Are you Lactating?”

Seriously, are you lactating?

I’ve never even seen that question, nor do I expect to read it over my morning cereal or see it on breakfast TV. But those in Spain did.

It did cause a lot of attention, but not the attention the association wanted.

With all the checks and balances, you would expect someone somewhere would pick up the phone, call the U.S. head office and ask, “Are you sure you want to say, ‘Are you lactating?’”

But no, it went through.

That’s the risk you take when you don’t use a service like Yavaway – because we speak MLM.

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We know, after years in the industry ourselves, that prospects are looking for a single excuse to reject your opportunity.

That’s why we make sure to do a review “in context” – in the context of what your prospect sees.

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The cost to use Yavaway?

Well, we are less expensive than Madison Avenue and more expensive than “one-hour” translation, freelancer boiler rooms.

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