Would you host an event in a “house of ill repute”?

Of course not.

I can personally remember showing the plan in a large washroom due to space issues, and the prospect joined! But a brothel? No, there are some meeting locations that are just wrong for our Network Marketing image.

Even those who dislike MLM would be scratching their heads. So why do I bring this up?

Well, you see in the annals of translation, we hear all about the disaster stories. You may well reach for a tissue when you read this to dab your tears, and if you do, it might be a “Puff”.

Yes, Puff, a well-known U.S. tissue, did very well in the United States and Canada, and the company decided to expand to Europe. Good so far. Except in Germany.

Yes, “puff” in German is the word for “whorehouse”.

So, how does that relate to you? It could never happen.

Look, the Puff people, (the tissue people, I don’t mean the German volk), hired a pretty smart team to take them to Europe. They paid thousands and thousands for research, ads, copy, artwork, labels, legal, and distribution. They had German personnel, and it’s not like German is an unknown language either. But still, no one said anything about labeling the side of a box of tissues with the equivalent of “Whorehouse” being a bad move.

Wonder what was going through the heads of hausfraus as they had to choose between Kleenex or Whorehouse brand tissues?

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