8 Sets to increase your exposure with nearly zero effort and cost

NOTE: This message is for Network Marketing Corporations ONLY!

It’s been decided; the world migrated from the printed word to video, and networkers have embraced it.

You and your marketing team have already spent a lot of time internally and externally creating captivating videos as sales tools for the field. You must have hundreds by now. And yet, how many have you translated, added subtitles to, and/or did voice-overs?

Probably very few.


It’s a hassle.

Video: the super secret sales agent that is vital, yet a real pain to translate and subtitle. Sure it is, (even if I ask my team, they’ll agree, but they do it every day).

Here is what to do:

  • Look at your top 10 videos in your home market.
  • Review them to see if they fit in your new territory.
  • Send them to Yavaway.
  • Tell us if you want subtitles or voice-overs.
  • We take care of your subtitles or hire voice-over talent.
  • We do all of the processing, reviewing in context, and make sure you look and sound great!
  • We send them back to you.
  • You get cheered by the field in all countries for helping them do their job.

Yavaway makes it easy, video for the field, videos for sales, videos for conventions. No matter what the reason, we make video as simple as, 3,2,1…. Action!


Chris Martin

Yavaway MLM Translation
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