Does Yavaway only take large, established clients?

Yavaway has translated millions of words. No job is too big or too small. Yavaway takes MLM clients of all sizes. Small clients can feel at […]

What is the MLM translation process used by Yavaway? What can you expect when you want your Direct Sales translation done?

The first thing that's going to happen, obviously, is we will set you up with a project manager to work with you. The main goal right […]

Need a quick translation price for your MLM or Network Marketing job? Use Yavaway, the only dedicated Language Service Provider for the Direct Sales Industry.

Have you ever had an urgent project that you needed translated ASAP only to waste an entire day waiting for a freelance translator or agency to […]

The more you translate with Yavaway, the more money you save with Yavaway’s expert MLM and Network Marketing special database of your key phrases.

Yavaway uses a sophisticated platform with the best CAT (Computer-assisted or Computer-aided Translation) tools. Not to be confused with machine translation, CAT tools are used by […]

How to translate and subtitle or caption a video – an example from Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the Network Marketing and MLM industry – Part 2 of science behind video translating for Direct Sales

In our last blog, we covered the professional way to deal with video transcription. Once the video has been transcribed, the subtitles or captions need to […]

The Yavaway MLM translation science behind video translating: Part 1

Video is probably the most-used and fastest-growing method of marketing. If you’re in distributor services and have a number of videos in English, how can you […]

August 17, 2016

Yavaway: Expert Language Service Provider to the Network Marketing Industry

We Speak MLM Specializing in YOUR industry: Direct Sales, its Jargon and its “we need it YESTERDAY” pace. Yavaway: Fast “rush” turn around Translation in ALL languages […]
August 15, 2016

Do you think it's Daft to have a Draft translated?

In continuing with our Best Practices blog series, we come to “the process”. The field speaks about the “sales process” as a series of exposures that […]
August 8, 2016

Automation and how to save money and speed up the translation process

Today’s blog is not written by a ‘bot, but a real human. Still, it’s about automation. Today I won’t be sharing jokes about terrible machine translation errors; no, today is […]
August 1, 2016

What’s the most efficient way to deal with Yavaway, your expert in language translation management, so you can make the most out of your international roll-out and expansion?

This is an important question, because it will save you money and make you money – if you can align yourself with the “best practice” method. […]