The worst way for a Network Marketing company to expand overseas and the legal pitfalls

Hundreds of Network Marketing companies are making spectacular profits from their expansion into the overseas markets, and there’s no reason why your company couldn’t join that list.

Expanding outside of your country has the added benefit of spreading risk. In our industry, growth can come suddenly and so can decline.

Just as you would tell the field, “You can’t stand on one leg,” corporate can’t maintain growth in just one country.

We Speak MLM
We Speak MLM!

But there is a wrong way to start.

“Okay, we’ll ship the product to your country, and we’ll allow people to join, but that’s it. Go out there and prove to us it’s worth the money to translate our materials, and then we’ll think about it.”

This is the worst way to start.  It gets you into all sorts of legal trouble.

You have to take the new country’s laws regarding Network Marketing into account just like you did between the different states when you opened your business up for domestic sales.

It will be necessary to coordinate your grand opening with overseas regulators, and you’ll undoubtedly be required to submit all your paperwork to them in their language.

Do your Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions, and Distributor Agreement comply with the other country’s laws? Are all the ingredients in your products legal there? These are important questions, and you must know the answers before your company so much as sets foot overseas.

More thought has to go into your expansion, and the last thing you want to do is put your distributors in charge of it. In their zeal to prove to you that the expansion is worth it, they will most certainly end up running afoul of the law, regardless of how innocent their intentions are.

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