Options on MLM translation — the good, the bad, and the ugly

Let’s start with the ugly.

Now, those who know me might think I’m referring to myself, but in this case, I’m referring to Machine translation.

Using a machine translation from a site like Google Translate or Babelfish is absolutely the worst option. This is something that should never even be considered.

The quality of machine translation is so poor that your “translated” materials would be indecipherable, and your company’s reputation would disappear faster than the turkey at my family’s Thanksgiving table.

Equally Ugly:

Bilingual staff members — Though it seems like using your company’s own bilingual staff would be the best choice, it is not. They are more prone to taking liberties with the text than other translators. They can be rusty at speaking the target language and usually are not qualified to translate expert legal or nutritional terminology. This option could potentially land you in just as much legal hot water as using a bilingual distributor could.

The Bad:

Online translation services — With these cheaply priced online translation services, you get what you pay for. These services are not any place to go, if you are interested in getting high-quality work done. You would end up dealing with a different person every time; there would be no congruency, and they do not understand MLM lingo.

Some of the biggest messes that Yavaway has had to clean up have come from clients who used these cheap, online services.

Nearly as bad:

Freelancers — The results can be very hit or miss. Freelancers rarely have the tools necessary to ensure consistent and congruent translation. They pick and choose when they work and are not always available when you need them. The average full-time linguist can translate about 2000 words per day. If you want your materials translated before your retirement, then one freelancer would most likely not be enough to satisfy your company’s translation needs for even one language, let alone dozens of languages.

Vetting, training, and managing a team of translators takes a lot of time, manpower, and hard work. It’s a business in and of itself and literally a 24-hour job, since the translators will live in a variety of time zones all over the world.

We Speak MLM!
We Speak MLM!

The Good:
Professional Expert Language Service Providers (a big step above the old translation agencies) — to get a professional job done, you need to go to the professionals. This is hands down the best option. It’s really the only option, if you want the job done right. The stakes are just too high. Poor translation would cause your company embarrassment, loss of business, and could even result in serious legal troubles.

Yavaway, as the only agency dedicated solely to clients in the Network Marketing industry, is the expert on MLM translation and well aware of the legal problems that could result from just one word translated incorrectly.

For example, there’s a difference between saying “help your immune system” and “strengthen your immune system.” That’s a serious, serious difference. A mistake like that could cause extreme potential lawsuits and shut-downs, etc. It’s imperative that the language be correct and legally compliant.

Why do we know this? Because that’s our business.

Yavaway will translate and deliver all your MLM and Network Marketing translation tasks, translate all your desktop publishing material and deliver you back your DTP in the same format you submitted it in.

Yavaway also translates video subtitles, does video encoding, adds translated video captions, translated voice-overs, as well as translated CMS updates in all languages, and in all formats.

We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the network marketing, MLM and direct sales industry.

We speak MLM!

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Chris Martin