3 reasons why freelancers are a poor choice for MLM translation.

Freelancers probably won’t even know what network marketing is, if they’ve never participated in it.

They may even call it “pyramid sales” without realizing how offensive that is to us.

Imagine a first draft translation saying, “Yes, this pyramid is great.”

We Speak MLM!
We Speak MLM!

Freelancers may seem like a logical solution, but outsourcing your translation to someone unfamiliar with MLM just doesn’t work. You need a trained linguist who speaks MLM.

Translating MLM jargon requires a high level of expertise. It’s not work that can be done by any run-of-the-mill translator or agency.

It truly requires an expert linguist who is an expert three times over, since MLM terminology crosses into three areas that are considered expert territory in the translation industry:

    • Legal – Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions, and Distributor’s Agreements all contain terminology that categorize these documents as those requiring expert legal translation.


    • Nutrition – Many MLM companies offer health and beauty products with ingredients necessitating a translator to be an expert in nutrition, since it is absolutely imperative that labels and product descriptions be translated correctly.


  • And, of course, there is the MLM jargon itself in documents like your Compensation Plan. Everyday words like “Leg” and “Genealogy” take on a whole new meaning in an MLM context in addition to the terms exclusive to MLM like “Upline,” “Commissionable Volume,” etc. This type of translation requires the rarest expert of all, since there is only one language service provider dedicated to MLM translation — Yavaway.

It would be nearly impossible to find a freelance translator with all those expert qualifications.

As you know, Yavaway is the only expert translation and language service provider for the MLM industry.  As we say, our trained linguists, who become your trained linguists, speak and understand MLM.

As such, our experts know your MLM jargon and know what “roll up” means.

Yavaway is the translator of choice for the network marketing industry. Translating for some of the biggest names in the industry, we do everything: From desktop publishing (DTP) in any language pair you need to creating and translating video captions, video encoding, video subtitles, voice-overs, and CMS updates in all languages, and in any format.

We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the network marketing and direct sales industry.

We speak MLM!

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Chris Martin