When expanding outside your own country, what is the first step? What do you get translated first?

The first thing you must do when you go into a new country is get your labels translated correctly.

Local authorities want to know what’s in your product.

Don’t send the labels in English.

If you want to get a label translated with all your special (or trademarked names) and ingredients, you’d better use a linguist who understands nutrition and has done that kind of translation work before.


This is the type of expert linguist (such as Yavaway trains and will provide for you) who is thorough enough to do the research and get you the right words, so the regulator doesn’t shut you down before you even get across the border.

You can count on the linguists that Yavaway provides you to get your MLM product translation right.

After labels, get your Terms and Conditions completed. This is because you are offering your distributors a legal agreement, which must abide by the laws of the new country. You can’t just say, “…and all disputes will be decided by an appointed mediator using the laws of New Mexico.”

Videos vs. Corporate Website

The general tendency is to translate the website first. Many times, from a marketing standpoint, the company would be better served by having its sales videos translated before the website. Those videos will sell the business/product/concept more than the website will.

Most of the time, the video component is more effective for the field. That’s why Yavaway does a lot of subtitling and captioning, which is a science in and of itself. Yavaway will translate and turn the spoken word from one language into a message that is just as compelling and profitable as the original.

The Yavaway video team will “burn” your subtitles or captions onto your source video. This way ensures that they can be read on any device from a small smart phone to a desktop computer.

Bottom line: Videos are the tools the new distributors can start with. It’s faster to take a five-minute video and get it done quickly than it is to tackle a website with 10,000 words on it, because there’s a lot of back and forth, review, as well as technical issues that have to be worked out with a website.

With a video, Yavaway puts a subtitle or caption on it, or creates a voice-over, in the target language and then has a linguist watch the video. If it’s correct after a review “in context”, then you can go to market with it.

Here at Yavaway, we will cover all your MLM translation, Direct Sales translation and Desktop publishing (DTP), video subtitles, video encoding, video captions, voice-overs, and CMS updates in all languages, and in any format.

We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the network marketing and direct sales industry.

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