3 reasons to expand outside of the United States for Network Marketing Companies ONLY!

Anyone who reviews the growth figures for U.S.-based, publicly traded, Network Marketing companies will notice a very telling pattern:  Much of the new revenues, even when the U.S. Dollar is strong, have been coming from Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
Not only that, if you look at the DSN 100 list (Direct Selling News), the same growth pattern emerges.  Apart from U.S.-based energy companies, everyone on the list has expanded outside their original nation.
Many corporations are finding it less expensive to launch into new markets rather than trying to prop up lagging U.S. sales.
All companies go through flat sales periods, unless they can come up with exciting, new products for their domestic markets.
Or they can expand by taking existing products and launching them into other countries.
There are many reasons why the expansion strategy is far superior to experimenting with a risky, new product:

  1. You’re NOT testing a new product – you only launch with your products that have already proven to be a success.
  2. You’ve done this before – no matter what they tell you, if it sells in the U.S., it will sell elsewhere.
  3. You have a large distributor base in the U.S. – the law of probabilities says that some of your distributor force will have family and other connections in your target country.

If you have peaked, or hit a flat period, give us a call. We can help you outside your home country to expand into more sales globally.

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