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About Yavaway

What We Can Do for You

  • Yavaway is a ONE-STOP agency for all your translation & related services needs, including desktop publishing, video transcription, subtitling, voice-over, copywriting, content management, book translation and publishing.
  • Yavaway is the only translation agency in the world specializing in servicing Direct Sales / Network Marketing companies like yours.
  • From start to finish, the process of taking your important sales material, policies & procedures, or compensation explanation into a new language is done by seasoned translators who have been trained in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and have access to Yavaway’s exclusive MLM terminologies database.
  • We bring decades of experience in the Direct Sales industry and millions of words translated under our belt to your project.
  • We provide you with a full range of language services such as voice-over, subtitles, copywriting and DTP.

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Marketing segmentation, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM) and team building concepts.

Why Choose Us

  • While we work with big MLM giants, some with over 30 languages to service, and we know how to meet tight deadlines, we can help guide small companies too.
  • We speak MLM in more than 50 languages. It’s not jargon to us!
  • In Network Marketing, you only have one chance to do it right – and that’s the first time.
  • While it may appear to save money by going with a ‘we translate anything’ shop – in the long run you know shopping by price will only get you what you pay for.
  • You need your translators to be trained on your products, your concept, your company and all the intricacies of your comp plan.
  • You’re among the top. Yavaway’s clients are among the highest-producing MLM global companies.

That’s what we do at Yavaway. We speak MLM.


Chris Martin has been involved in Direct Sales for over 30 years, both in administration as well as in the field, particularly within the Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry.
Chris has also worked with multiple MLM software vendors such as Jenkon, 20/21, Infotrax, Martech, MRX, Wildfire, InternetNextStep (INS) and some custom-built solutions.
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He and his team now only focus on the business of translation, content management, editing and integration of translated text/audio/video, applying decades of both field and corporate experience to help networking companies with their multilingual expansion.
As Chris says, “We Speak MLM! – In all languages and in all markets.” He’s proud to say that Yavaway is the ONLY translation agency in the world specializing in Network Marketing media translation.
“We Speak MLM!” means Yavaway understands the industry terminology.
Even the word MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is just one of the names companies use to express the concept. No matter what name we call it – from “Home-based Franchising”, “Concentric Marketing”, “Inline Marketing” or ”Interactive Distribution”, “Referral Marketing”, “Word-of-Mouth Marketing”, “Affiliate Marketing”, “Relationship Marketing” or even “Consumer Direct Marketing”– we understand and can translate it.
In fact, MLM/Network Marketing is just one type of direct selling, but it definitely has its own culture and its own language!
Chris explains why he got involved in the translation business and put together a team of translators who understand the industry:
“After so many years in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales business, I have been a witness to how difficult it can be to explain the concept of MLM, or worse, the compensation plan to somebody who’s never been introduced to this type of industry. Imagine doing that through a translator who also has no exposure to our type of marketing.”
This is why Yavaway translation services focuses almost exclusively on translating MLM material. It is a specialty that’s needed in all languages and regions where network marketing is expanding.
Besides knowing and understanding the technical aspects of the compensation structures, there is a lot to be said about being familiar with the products of MLM, particularly the world of nutrition and skincare as it relates to translation.
No matter where you’re expanding or what you are marketing, Yavaway will ensure you’re looking great the first time!

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