Automation and how to save money and speed up the translation process

Today’s blog is not written by a ‘bot, but a real human. Still, it’s about automation.
Today I won’t be sharing jokes about terrible machine translation errors; no, today is about saving you money and time.
While we still have clients, good clients, that like the freedom to just email us a task, our Best Practices clients have taken the short curve, (yes, a learning curve), and learned the very easy process of using our personalized, automated submission portal.
This portal is more than a submitting tool; it’s a platform that allows you, our client, to know exactly where the status of your translation project is – in real time, anytime.
This gives you a clear idea as to when each project will be finished, allowing you to plan your roll-out of your translated material, for example, a product launch video at a convention, where timing is imperative.
This custom-designed access to Yavaway’s platform not only allows Yavaway to provide you with an automated quote for your translation costs, it allows you to have your internal reviews done by your international personnel, wherever they are located, whatever their time zone, connected directly via this platform to ensure that all the little nuances are correct in your document.
As I have blogged about before, the majority of negative feedback about a translation is not about the actual translation, but just a matter of opinion that results from the original document.
That’s why it’s much better to use the collaboration method (aka our collaborative translation process) to review in order to ensure that feedback from the field is respected, yet, not accepted without discussion with our trained linguist.
Our linguists are not just trained in translation; they’re language professionals, unlike most of us.
Our multipurpose and innovative automation allows this collaboration and is state-of-the-art.
As part of Yavaway’s commitment to automation, we can tie into any of your CMS (Content Management Systems), find a newly added English string or section of content, for example, translate it, and add it back to your CMS without you having to request it.
This gives you a great jump over your competition, if they are not automated, giving the field the speed they need to take new products or services to their prospects right out of the gate – in any number of languages within seconds.
This automation also stops the perception that one country/language gets a privilege, because they knew about a contest or promotion first.
In addition, we can work with your files from whatever online location (including inside any cloud service), in any format.
For example, with your InDesign translated file, we’ll have our designer re-create the document with the same look as the original, get the translator to review it in-full-context, and drop it back into your corporate file sharing service, ready to share with the world.
Speed is the byword in our industry, an industry that requires nearly everything finished “yesterday”, and Yavaway is committed to using all the automated options at our disposal to complete your jobs as fast as humanly possible.
And by humanly possible, I mean until the robots take over.
Hasta la vista, baby!