Do you think it's Daft to have a Draft translated?

In continuing with our Best Practices blog series, we come to “the process”.
The field speaks about the “sales process” as a series of exposures that eventually allow a prospect to make a decision to join or to pass.
Well, our Best Practice clients also understand that the creation of all marketing material is a process, or “work through” as it’s also known.
From the draft stage to the final approval stage, there are a lot of hands at work.
Our most serious clients involve Yavaway from the draft stage.
Isn’t that expensive?
No, it hardly changes the cost.
In fact, it saves you money.
This is because of our use of the Language Library of your words and phrases.
Let’s say, for example, a new product has an information sheet written.
If the draft copy is sent to Yavaway for translation, we now have it on file and ready for the next round of changes.  Because of our automation, we can detect the few changes that are made to your original document – and only work on those – we don’t re-translate the entire document.
By doing draft translations, we will also notice if there will be localization issues with different words not working in one culture or another – for example, the different French versions of Quebec vs. France.
Once the final document is approved and sent to us, there may be as few as 40 words to change from a 10,000-word original draft.
If that’s the case, your additional charge would only be 40 words, or next to nothing.
Yet the speed to get you your translation is very rapid, as there are only 40 words to translate, then your document is back in your hands, or in the hands of our design person.
The bottom-line best practice is to involve Yavaway as early in the process as the draft stage. It won’t cost you more than pennies, but will speed up your process and save you “rush” fees.
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