Expanding your MLM or Network Marketing Company to Canada, eh? Well, it still requires "localization" and translation.

Hey, I’m a Canadian, and I love my country, but you aren’t going to get rich by opening up in the Great White North without some “translation”.
Canada sort of seems the same as the U.S., but there are a few differences.
Did you know they spell a bunch of their words “wrong”? They like to add a “u” to words, like “honour” and “labour”.
They misspell “center” like this: centre’
Really! Those crazy Canadians. Frankly, I’m just so embarrassed.
And get this, one of their states up there (called “provinces” – yeah – can you believe it?) is French!
Heck, the British couldn’t beat the States in the War of Independence, but they managed to beat the French in Quebec. But those sneaky Frenchies, (like me), waited for the British Army to leave and started acting like they won that battle!
Yes, they have “language police” in Quebec – Google it, if you don’t believe me.
So expanding up into Canada means making sure your English is “Canadian” English, and your French is “Quebec” French. ‘Cause guess what? Quebec French is not the same as the French in France.
For example, there are two stop signs below. Which one do you think is found in Quebec, Canada, and which do you think is found in France?
Network Marketing Translation service
MLM translation Network Marketing
That’s my point. You can’t take expanding from one country to another for granted.
Sure, Canada is pretty much the same as the U.S., but still it’s different.
So imagine expanding from the States into an Asian country? And that’s where the major expansion is going these days.
If you think Canada is a bit weird, trust me, Asia is not Quebec. But we know that at Yavaway.
I’ll give you just one example. In Thailand they speak Thai, and Thai is not an easy language for your graphics gal to copy and paste. A sentence of different words just appears to us as just one long one. Thai doesn’t use question marks. Or exclamation marks. Or full stops. Or commas…
So, how does your English-speaking graphics department try to change your PowerPoints from English to Thai? How do they know where to put in a line break?
Answer: They can’t.
But your graphics team is off the hook with Yavaway.
We will actually take your English media (any – video, PowerPoints, print, web – whatever you throw at us), and we’ll hand you back the translated media ready-to-use.
At Yavaway, we are more than a translation agency. We are an extension of your marketing and graphics department. We are your enterprise localization department.
Does that integration cost more?
Sure, it costs something, but more?
Consider this: You would have to hire someone to show you where to put in all the new text into your existing media anyway, and that could be way more costly.
Or just do what the big players do: Use Yavaway’s typesetters, desktop publishers and designers.
Call me anytime to discuss your expansion.
We can help you do it right the first time.
Founder and Owner of Yavaway
P.S. Go figure, the image with the STOP sign is from France. Jeepers.