How can you use translation to make more profits without leaving home – without speaking Klingon?

I just read about a court case between Paramount Pictures and CBS vs. Axanar Productions.  You see, Axanar Productions is making a fan-based movie set in the “Star Trek” universe.  They’re being sued for using the Klingon language.
Now, we all know that Klingon is a made-up language, but so are all languages.  Just no one tried to copyright one before.
But, some folks actually speak it.  Nerds, I think.  And don’t think that I’m taking a shot at nerds.  I’m a guy with a remote-controlled dinosaur toy, a robot vacuum, and enough monitors to make the Bridge on the Enterprise look small in comparison.
So how can you make money by translating your material into another language and not leave home?
Well, people in the USA speak Klingon. There really is no country called Klingon, much less a planet. It’s just a small group who live within our borders that speak it.

Yavaway translation for MLM can include Klingon if you want.
Yavaway translation for MLM can include Klingon if you want.

What about a large group who live in our borders who speak a language other than English? Or in Canada, my old country, where a large number of folks speak French? (I am one of those “Frogs” as they call us, but hey, I speak 4 languages, if you include Quebecois!).
You must have noticed that Spanish is super big in the States. In fact, there are huge markets within the borders of the United States that only speak Spanish.
Herbalife is doing some great business there, but are you?
The first step to going after this market is to pay attention to it.
All they want is respect, and the best way to show respect is to speak their lingo. The best way to do that is get your best videos, and other marketing material, in Spanish – U.S. Spanish that is, not Formal Spanish or Euro-Spanish.
It’s not as expansive as moving to a new country. Your policies and procedures stay the same. No need for lawyers, warehouses or staffing up a new office in some other country.
Spanish America is not some little market, like the Klingon market. It’s mucho big.
Ignore it at your peril, because your competition is not.
While we here at Yavaway are fully ready to move you into the U.S. Spanish market, perhaps you are not sure if you’re ready for that.
I have a lot of experience in this area, and I’m happy to talk to you on the phone, on Skype, or good old email, if you want to discuss how. Just pick up the phone and give me a call.
We are here to help.
Buena suerte, or if you speak Klingon: yIghoSDo’
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