If your company uses Yavaway MLM Translation, there will be no Zombie scare!

When my uncle Joe died, most of the family were sad, but some of them were “no comment”.
Now it’s not that important to you, but in China, some folks would believe that by drinking Pepsi, you could bring your ancestors back from the grave.
According to the campaign launch of Pepsi in China, the translation of their slogan, “We bring you back to life,” was translated as, “We bring your ancestors back from the grave.”
You don’t need to be a fan of the T.V. show “The Walking Dead” to visualize that kind of scenario!
Zombie Disaster!
Here at Yavaway we see – on an almost weekly basis – badly managed translations that new clients bring to us. Often they used big-name translation agencies that just don’t really care about the little things that are truly important in Person-to-Person marketing.
Because our prospects are looking for “reasons to join, or an excuse to say ‘no'”. Badly translated material is a big excuse to say “no”.
Just say “no” to zombies!
We speak MLM and dozens of other languages too.
The cost to use Yavaway?
Less than Madison Avenue, but more than “one-hour” translation online gimmicks.
But bottom-line is: We won’t let you down.
Call, Skype, or email us. We’ll take care of you, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your expanding language needs.
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