Network Marketing Translation: One more opportunity for your prospects to look for "a reason to join, or an excuse to say ‘no’"

As you can see by the image below, sometimes even images have to be “translated”.
While we here at Yavaway MLM translation often have to educate our clients about localization – e.g. the fact thaYavaway Translation Team is best translation agency Lost in translation Japanese Signt some words in U.S. Spanish are not the same as the Spanish spoken in Spain – just like the English used in the U.K. is different from the English used in the States – sometimes things are hard to figure out.
Yes, even images can carry powerful mistakes.
If you were Japanese, you would understand the symbols on the image, but clearly, if you’re not, you would be wondering just what kind of “X”-rated message is being communicated here.
It’s one of the reasons why we at Yavaway always push for a review “in context” by both your in-market specialist and our native translators.
We pride ourselves on being the best MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing translation agency, and we couldn’t do that, if we let you be embarrassed by a translation mistake.
Remember, when you expand into a new country, each existing networker who is NOT interested in your program will seek to point out any mistake, error, embarrassment, or shortfall that can be found in your material.
We often think of going out to “get the business” but forget the fact that most networkers seek out other networkers.
These existing networkers will defend “their territory” and fight off your entry into their country.
As we all know, prospects look for “a reason to join, or an excuse to say ‘no’.”
At Yavaway, we don’t want your marketing material to be their “excuse to say no.” That’s why we review “in context” – to see your marketing media as it will be seen by the public.
Because even if all the words are “right”, if we spotted an image like the one above, we’d tell you and fix it.
An “X”-rated image or translation might get you a lot of social media hits, but not for the reasons you want.
So good MLM companies don’t sell their distributors short by trying to save a dime here or there using cheap translation agencies or come-and-go freelancers. Instead, they do it right the first time by using Yavaway.
There is a lot of work moving into a new country, but Yavaway is your “ace in the hole”, because we can make translation headaches disappear.
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