Nothing sucks like a bad translation. Right, Electrolux?

You might think that most of the poor or tragic translation blunders are coming from the U.S. and going into Europe or Asia, but Swedish vacuum maker, Electrolux, learned the hard way that American consumers are just as picky when it comes to poorly thought out marketing campaigns.
Since the job of a vacuum is to suck dirt, dust and particulate, Electrolux adopted the tagline “Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux.”
You can imagine the giggles and spilt coffee that American readers had over their morning paper when first seeing that print ad.
As their slogan was grammatically correct, local English translators from Sweden would not have understood what the slang word “sucks” connotes.
This would have been easily rectified if a review “in context” was performed by a translator who lived in the target country.
Had that been the case, an English-based linguist would quickly have double-checked with his client about the perception their tagline would have on the local population.
Some words often are used more in their slang sense than in their original meaning, and that sucked for Electrolux.
This is why Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the Network Marketing industry, always does a review “in context” by a linguist who is local to the target country.
No one wants their marketing materials, videos, or websites to “suck”, or become the object of hilarity.
The only foolproof way to ensure an accurate translation that won’t also be wrong in the context of the reader or viewer is to trust our team of linguists, who become YOUR team of linguists.
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Chris Martin