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From Editing and Proofreading to Final Output

Once your text has been finalized, we can help you put it on paper or on the web.
Whatever the medium you require: design and desktop publishing, HTML layout or printing, we can provide it.

YAVAWAY can also act as a “director of ebusiness” to handle the transition from unilingual to multilingual by bringing forward the whole web strategy for the company and avoiding the difficulties of keeping the site up-to-date across multiple languages.

With YAVAWAY, you have a Translation and Multilingual Content Management Service at your disposal practically all the time to help you grow across borders.
Sounds expensive?  It’s not.  Especially when you factor in our consistency vs. employee turnover, promotions and transfers.

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Desktop Publishing

When going from one language to another, there are many unexpected hurdles to discover. For example, English to French, Spanish or Italian, will require about 20% more space than the English equivalent. If your brochure or label does not have room for this, it’s not a ‘copy and paste’ job. We can deliver to you your translations IN whatever final documents you need. Our local experts will take your translated work and ensure it fits right into your target document.


Other languages don’t have the same sentence structure. For example, some Asian languages can’t be separated word by word as English is. This makes the job of a non-local graphics person impossible, and renders all of your translated work looking amateur. We can ensure your material looks great AND is correct by the target community. Our desktop services are done by local target language experts.

Final 3rd Party MLM Review

Most translation companies will have the same translator proofread their own work. It’s much less expensive, as it’s just the same as reading over your own email before hitting send. How many times have we wished we had someone else proof our messages before sending?

At Yavaway, we have a different MLM translator proofread your work before you get it. MLM is tricky and full of possible challenges if not done right.

We are not going to let your distributors be your proofreaders. We carefully manage our all-expert teams, monitoring so that our clients’ high standards are maintained and exceeded. You can feel safe with Yavaway.

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Print, Web, Audio, or Video, We Do It All

We will translate ALL media types and provide you with a perfect finished product. It’s one thing to have web-based work done, but consider your President’s video message? Training videos, audios, labels, there are many different forms in which your message must be made right. For example, all of your videos are not only translated, but we can produce perfectly synchronized subtitles, so your international prospects can follow along and get the original message as it was intended.

Need a voice-over instead? Not a problem at Yavaway. We’ll have a local, professional voice-over artist who is familiar with your MLM script deliver your message.

Transcriptions, Captions and Subtitles
(In that order!)

  1. Translating subtitles for your videos starts with an excellent transcription without grammatical errors. Indeed, the text has to be written properly and accurately in the source language for the translators to interpret properly into the target language.
  2. Before sending a transcript to the translators, it must be time coded perfectly in the source language as if it were destined for use as captions. Captions are a little different than subtitles, as they are made for “hearing impaired,” “hard of hearing,” “deaf,” and “deafened” individuals more so than for the need of targeting an international market.
  3. Having well done, properly time coded captions in the source language to start with is essential for creating actual subtitles in another language. The last step is the most difficult and the most important: styling (with proper font, colors, position, etc.) and adapting the translated subtitles before encoding (so they fit on the screen and can be read within the time allotted for each segment).


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