Size matters. How expanding into Brazil can be more or less than a handful!

No matter how large your network marketing corporation, you aren’t (yet) as big as Ford. Even when they were broke, they were huge.
Back in the early 70’s, they were flying high with the very popular, affordable Pinto. It was a great compact car and a bestseller for Ford which, naturally, took it abroad.
It did well everyplace… except Brazil. It was only when the company investigated that they found out why.
You see, a bad translation does not often get back to the parent company. People just laugh, shake their heads, and don’t buy. They don’t tell you. They just think you’re one of the ugly American companies that just doesn’t care. Why should they bother to let you know?
In Ford’s case, it was pretty bad.
“Pinto”, in Brazil, meant “small male genitals,” and in a macho society like Brazil, you can imagine the success of a car like that!
No man wanted it in his driveway, and women weren’t too impressed either.
Even the local Ford dealerships did not report back. It’s the equivalent of your local distributors thinking that a bad translation is okay, because they’re taught “all distractions are equal”.
So, finally when Ford investigated, the car’s name changed, and presto, size didn’t matter.
We won’t let Ford’s mangled product launch happen to you.
We are Yavaway.
We speak MLM and dozens of other languages too.
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The cost to use Yavaway?
A lot more if you don’t use us and have to start over, like many clients who come to us.
However, we are less expensive than Madison Avenue, but more expensive than “one-hour” translation, freelancer boiler rooms.
But bottom-line is: We won’t let you down.
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