The Direct Sales News Global 100 List 2015 – Is your company listed here?

Is your company listed here? If so you’d be in good company.
What list?
Each year the Direct Selling News site compiles THE list, the DSN Global 100 list.
If you’re very quiet, you can hear it. It’s the sound of champagne corks being popped in 100 boardrooms all over the world. Yes, all over the world.
So, why are the top-grossing Network Marketing or Direct Sales companies worldwide? Well, worldwide is the answer to this question.
Do you notice a pattern?
Of the top 100, apart from the U.S. Energy companies like Ambit, Steam, and Viridian, each company has expanded outside its country of origin.
One of these top 100 is a client of ours, and many other clients are on their way to this list too.

Yavaway Helping you WIN!
Yavaway Helping you WIN!

Because they took the chance and rolled the dice and did what everyone said is “too hard, too much trouble, and too expensive”.
They expanded outside their comfort zone and into new lands, new cultures and new profits.
Getting out of our comfort zone is what we tell the field to do, if they desire to reach the top ranks. And it’s no different in corporate.
I’ve helped over a dozen companies move and expand.
We have a team that’s dedicated to it. We know all about the tricky side of entering into a new country with new rules, different customs, different languages, and localization issues. That’s our job.
To help guide you through the language part, to get your media – from e-media to print to video or audio – we not only translate it all, we render it back to you in the same format you gave it to us.
So you’re good to go.
If you pull the trigger on expansion, you too could be on the DSN 100 List and hear the very exciting sound of champagne corks popping in YOUR boardroom.
I can help you. Just give me a call, and I’ll show you how straightforward it is.
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