The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence – why you MUST expand outside of your country if your company is to survive.

We all have heard that saying, “The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” and know the lesson it teaches.
We teach those in the field to not ignore their local markets and stop buying into that “everyone has heard of us” false belief.
But there is still a “saturation perception” that is real, especially in the days of the worldwide web.
40-years ago the baby boomers grew up marrying someone who lived within 3 miles of them.  They did not travel the way we do today, unless they were in the military. Many have lived their lives never venturing out of their own state, or even had need of a passport. This is more so in the United States, but, after all, that’s where network marketing really took hold.
The invention of the microchip allowed the “barrier to entry” – via computer software and hardware – to disappear, and within a short period of time, from the 1980’s, anyone with a laptop could run the software needed to start an MLM.
From about 12 large, solid companies in the 80’s, there are now thousands.

Today's Networkers know people all over the planet.
Today’s Networkers know people all over the planet.

So, the microchip changed the face of networking, but after the chip, 10-years later, came the web, once again, changing networking.
But these changes were different.
Having the internet meant a distributor was no longer subject to finding friends and potential new associates at home in that small town where he grew up.
Today, those who grew up with the internet are different. They connect based on shared interests, not shared geography.
They join FB groups (there are still a few “forums” left) of people with like-minded ideas.
These people live everywhere and most likely DON’T live in the same town or state as each other.
So naturally, when they join your company to build a business using their “network” and make a list as they are taught, that list can be worldwide; forget out-of-town.
For them the grass is green everywhere.
It’s not about “building local.” It’s about building where their connections are.
This is why you must expand outside your own country. If you’re an American company, you need to reach outside your borders. If you are from elsewhere, you need to reach into the United States.
There is never saturation; there is only a perception of saturation. So don’t make a decision to expand based on the false “saturation awareness syndrome” – no, build and expand country-by-county, because that’s the way people find connections in this new millennium.
Expand not just for your bottom line, but because it’s time to let your distributors embrace ALL their contacts, not just those who live close by.
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