The more you translate with Yavaway, the more money you save with Yavaway’s expert MLM and Network Marketing special database of your key phrases.

Yavaway uses a sophisticated platform with the best CAT (Computer-assisted or Computer-aided Translation) tools. Not to be confused with machine translation, CAT tools are used by human translators, and this software helps manage terminology to support and facilitate the translation process. This includes keeping a record of all of the client’s previously translated text and terminology preferences at the fingertips of linguists for easy and immediate reference while they are doing translation work.
Many freelancers cannot afford high-quality CAT tools, and their work suffers greatly for it. However, Yavaway uses only the best tools.
Yavaway manages what we call the “translation memory” of each client’s entire work history in a database. The database is accessible to our linguists in each language, and this service is included in our fees.
Why does Yavaway database clients’ work?
By centralizing your work in one terminology database that we manage, for all future translations, you will not be charged for material that we have already translated for you before, such as a comp plan.
Here’s a common example. When a company makes an adjustment in their pay plan, it often means that many different departments need to deal with us, each not always realizing how a change in one document impacts another. We track these things, often better than the company itself.
Not only that, but because we have done the first translation, and we preserve all the different versions, we will see exactly where the changes are. Then we’ll only translate the relevant parts and not charge you for translating every word in the same long document twice.
For example, if you decided to make a handful of alterations to your comp plan by changing a dozen sentences here and there then adding three additional paragraphs, you could send Yavaway the entire document, but would only be charged for translation of the three new paragraphs that you added and the dozen sentences that you changed. You would not be charged for retranslation of the rest of the comp plan that Yavaway had already translated for you in the past. Once the work is completed, Yavaway would return the document to you with the newly translated text integrated with the text of the older unchanged translation.
This is something few agencies will do for you, and no freelancer will. That’s why the more you use Yavaway, the less you end up paying, because we don’t charge you for translation that you already paid for before.
That’s why our clients think of Yavaway as a partner. The freelancer or a run-of-the-mill agency that doesn’t specialize in our industry will take everything from everybody. That’s not what we are. We’re really like a partner. We will tell you right away, “Hey, great news. You won’t have to pay for this one. You’ve already paid for it, and here it is.”
We cover network marketing translation for some of the biggest names in the Direct Sales industry.  From Desktop publishing (DTP) in any language pair to creating and translating video subtitles, video encoding, video captions, voice-overs, and CMS updates in all languages, and in any format for the MLM industry.
We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the network marketing and direct sales industry.
We speak MLM!
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