How to translate and subtitle or caption a video – an example from Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the Network Marketing and MLM industry – Part 2 of science behind video translating for Direct Sales

In our last blog, we covered the professional way to deal with video transcription.
Once the video has been transcribed, the subtitles or captions need to be time coded and split with a limited number of characters per line.
When doing line breaks for subtitles, if there’s a comma, that’s easy, because it’s a natural pause point. But what if there’s a long sentence with no comma? Where are you going to split that sentence, so it will fit onto the screen?
You have to put it on the screen in two lines.
All of this is a lot of work that only knowledge and experience can accomplish.
Of course, it’s not just knowledge and experience; it’s the WILLINGNESS to take the time to make your video perfect for your new market.
Only a REAL, long-term association with your expansion partner, Yavaway, can ensure that kind of quality.
That’s why we do so well when it comes to video transcription and translation.
Yavaway means less work for you, lower cost, and a SIMPLE, streamlined process.

Give Yavaway your video as-is; we’ll do the transcription, the translation, add that translation to the video (either as captions, subtitles or a voice-over, your choice), and we’ll make it happen from beginning to end.
By the time we’re done, you can publish that video, and you’ll be ready to go. You save a lot of time and money rather than having to look around for different people to pull together for these tasks.
Letting Yavaway do it all also minimizes the chances of errors occurring due to having too many separate entities that are not in communication with each other working on the same project.
It’s well known that Yavaway is the translator of choice for the direct sales and MLM industry.  Translating for some of the biggest names in the industry, Yavaway MLM translation covers all tasks: From desktop publishing (DTP) in any language pair you require to creating and translating video captions, encoding, video subtitles even voice-overs and CMS updates in all languages, and in any format.
We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the network marketing and direct sales industry.
We speak MLM!
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