Translating desktop publishing for the MLM and Network Marketing Industry

Yavaway is much more than a translation agency; we are a language service provider – we do it all: Desktop publishing, PowerPoint slides, websites, videos, subtitling, finding talent for voice-overs, producing the audio, if needed, 3rd-party proofreading, and even arranging professional copywriting services.

Many companies have found Yavaway’s Desktop Publishing (DTP) service to be indispensable. Laying out translated text can be quite challenging, especially if the one doing the DTP does not speak the language. Just copying and pasting is not an option.
The first issue you will find is that the translation is never the same size as the source text. For example, a Spanish translation generally has 20-30% more words than its original English counterpart, so you can’t just plop the Spanish right where the English used to be and expect it to fit.
Line breaks can also present a challenge. Since the translated text does not fit the same way, the person doing the DTP will have to determine where the new line breaks should be. For languages like Japanese, if a line is split in the wrong place, it could be a disaster, changing the entire meaning of the sentence.
Here is a humorous example in English of how a big mistake could result from one small incorrect break:
“Look, what’s that in the road ahead?”
With an incorrect line break it could become:
“Look, what’s that in the road, a head?”
Then there is the challenge that fonts can present. For example, a font that works for a language like Italian will not work for Burmese. A compatible font must be used for the characters to show properly, or in some cases, to even show up at all. If you’ve ever gone to an Asian-language website and seen nothing but rows of boxes where the text is supposed to be showing, then you have experienced an incompatible-font issue.
After DTP has been completed, the document should be returned to the translator in its final format for a review “in context” in order to ensure that the text was transferred properly, and the integrity of the translation was retained before you send your DTP off to be published. At Yavaway this step is considered so important that it is done automatically as part of the DTP process and at no additional charge to the client. This sets Yavaway apart from agencies that will usually charge you more, if you ask them to do a review of their own translation work in context after the text has been placed in its final format.
The same principal applies to PowerPoint slides and websites. It’s not a simple copy and paste job to add the translated text. Websites can be even trickier if the fields have a character count limit, which must be taken into account at the time of translation.
Yavaway will deliver all your Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing translation tasks, translate all materials needing desktop publishing and deliver you back your DTP in the same format that you submitted it in.  This way you don’t have to go back to your design team and trust them to try to figure out a foreign language.
Yavaway also translates video subtitles, does video encoding, adds translated video captions, translated voice-overs, as well as translated CMS updates in all languages, and in any format. Again, when we deliver you back your video, it’s ready to go, ready to show off to the field.
We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the direct sales, MLM, and network marketing industry.
Just like you, we speak MLM!
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