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The 7 Most Common Mistakes Networking Companies make when Translating their Marketing Material


Attention Network Marketing and Direct Sales Companies
Are you frustrated because you want to expand into international territories but haven’t been able to find a translation company that understands your needs?
Do you want to be able to find a translation service that understands your MLM?

  •  Your special expressions
  •  Your ‘we need it yesterday’ pace
  •  That can translate your media assets — websites, back-office, videos, online and printed material
  •  Not only translate it, but provide it back to you in the same format
  •  While not costing your company and arm and a leg?

Translation should be simple, and your expansion should be straight-forward, but…

  • Time and time again, you find all of your translation projects being delayed, poorly managed, AND not translated in proper ‘MLM’ lingo?
  • You did try the ‘one-hour’ translation type services or the traditional agencies and got some results, but they’re not consistent results, and that’s frustrating.
  • No one there knows you and your business and you, get different ‘linguists’ each time, who have no idea what network marketing or direct sales even are.

Do you find it difficult to explain to the field why there are delays after delays, broken promises after broken promises? 
And, when the material finally shows 
up, it’s full of silly mistakes that 
your distributors bombard 
you about daily?

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The 7 Most Common Mistakes Networking Companies make when Translating their Marketing Materials

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Let me guess a few scenarios: you are part of the team that is now in charge of translating all your core marketing and administrative materials for the company’s foreign expansion, yet you are completely frustrated by uncaring translation services or individual ‘freelancers’ who keep letting you down.
To make matters worse, the company accounting department can’t believe the high cost of translation — especially when there are so many errors — so you end up paying two or three times for translating the same material.

You’ve even tried using your busy distributor services dept. staff and suffered a backlash.

There is a reason for that.

It’s because the staff are not expert linguists and those translation services you’ve tried don’t speak ‘MLM.’

Let me tell you a little bit about us.

After many years in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry we know how difficult it is to explain the concept of MLM or the compensation plan to somebody who’s never been introduced to this type of industry before.

Imagine doing that through a translator, who also has no idea about‘our industry’.

This is why our translation services focus almost exclusively on translating MLM material.   It is a specialty that is needed in all languages/regions where Direct Sales businesses are expanding.

Beyond knowing and understanding the technical aspects of compensation structures, there is a lot to be said about being familiar with the products of MLM, particularly the world of nutrition and skincare, as it relates to translation.

We’ve seen many bad translations when in the field — and things have actually gotten worse, because some companies actually use automated computer translation, trying to save a nickel here and a dime there.

The result: those companies become a laughing stock when foreign prospects start reading poorly translated marketing materials.
We won’t let you down.
Our Translation Management Service is geared to work with translators that are trained on MLM products and MLM jargon.
We spent more than half our working lives in the world of Network Marketing. We teach the language of MLM to translators from all around the world and we now have a great team that can handle all the languages targeted by our industry.
Why Choose Yavaway?

  • We work with big MLM giants, some with over 30 languages to service.
  • We work with small companies that think big.
  • We can fit you in —  no matter your size.
  • We know how to meet tight deadlines.
  • We speak MLM in more than 50 languages.  It’s not jargon to us!

In Network Marketing, you only have one chance to do it right, and that’s the first time.
While it may appear to save money by going with a ‘we do anything’ translation shop, in the long run, as you know, shopping by price will only get you what you pay for.
You need your translators to be trained on your products, your concept, your company, and all the intricacies of your comp plan AND you need those translators to stay with you long term.
Yavaway: We Speak MLM
Today, Yavaway is trusted by Multimillion-Dollar Network Marketing and Direct Sales Companies.
Indeed, our clients include members of the $100 million plus sales club, and some are also listed among the top 100 in the world (as per Direct Selling News).
Yavaway is the first and ONLY Translation Management Services in the world specializing in Network Marketing material translation.
Who else but someone from your culture would you trust your important marketing material to?

Yavaway is the only translation agency in the world specializing in serving Direct Sales / Network Marketing companies.

Yavaway is a ONE-STOP agency for all your translation & related services needs, including desktop publishing (DTP), video transcription, subtitling, voice-over, copy-writing, content management, book publishing, website localization, back office translation and so on.

From start to finish, the process of translating your important sales material, Policies & Procedures, or compensation explanation into a new language is done by seasoned translators who have been trained about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and who have access to Yavaway’s exclusive MLM terminologies database.

Our translators are your translators! They can collaborate directly with your team and update your glossary for all your targeted languages.

So, let me ask you this:

How would it really feel — to you, the field, and to your prospects — to have consistent results when you’re implementing your important translated videos, websites, and brochures?

How would it feel to have one less headache when you expand overseas — to finally have a sense of control and confidence over your newly translated marketing material?

Free Report will save you time and money!
The 7 Most Common Mistakes Networking Companies make when Translating their Marketing Materials

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How would it feel to have your videos translated, subtitled, and completed with voice-overs all done by us and returned to you ready to use?

How would it feel to just submit your documents, videos, or websites AS THEY ARE and get them back translated — AND in the same format — ready to use?

How would you feel if you found a trusted partner that you could count on to make sure you looked good the first time?

How would you feel if you could depend on a team that would work around the clock to get your material back to you as fast as humanly possible?
Yavaway MLM and Network Marketing Translation Agency

  • We have decades of experience in the Direct Sales industry and millions of words translated under our belt.
  • We provide a full range of language services, like voice-over and subtitles.
  • Over 30 Years of Direct Sales & MLM Industry Experience.

Don’t trust your hard-built reputation to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ translation shop.  Our industry is very specialized,  and we’ve been part of it for over 30 years.  Long-term or rush jobs, we do it right.
Here’s what Yavaway will do for you:

  • A post-translation review ‘in context’ of the translated text: in other words, we look at your final work in the format that a prospect sees it.  That’s the only surefire way to know if the translation is correct.
  • Provide you easy access to a simple, online platform to monitor the progress of your translation projects  24/7.  It will even calculate your translation cost!
  • Translation is done by native translators only, who are typically still living in their home countries and trained in MLM jargon.
  • We give you the option to keep the format of your files during translation for faster desktop publishing.  This means you get your material into the field quicker.

  • We give you a private, online back office to see your quotes and submit/retrieve files and invoices.  There is never a surprise when you get an invoice from Yavaway.
  • We provide a full confidentiality agreement.  We are as professional as you are.

The more you have translated with Yavaway,the less you pay.

We build you a Translation Memory (TM) database and Terminology Bank (TB).  What are those?
These are your special dictionaries of your company’s jargon.  This means we don’t charge you for these special words time after time, so, the more you use us, the less it costs.

Your TM and TB are private, and we keep them confidential.

By continuing to work together, your overall per-word rate ultimately gets lower when taking into account the sentences/segments that are already plugged into the Translation Memory. How cool is that?

The more translation we do for you, the less words you’re charged for!

Badly translated videos, websites, and paperwork will only hurt your reputation,  and it costs money to get that reputation fixed. We’ll have you looking good the first time, and, in the end, you’ll save money working with us. No matter where your company goes & grows, we will make you look like you belong there!

  • Fast turnaround, because that’s the way it is in MLM.  You need it yesterday!
  • Highest quality, because the field wants to be proud of their company, not ashamed.
  • Translators who know Multi Level Marketing, not those who have no clue what a ‘rollup fast-track bonus’ is.

  • Localization (adapting to a country or region), because Spanish in one country is not the same in another.  Cultural sensitivities matter today.
  • Accurate multilingual artwork, because, sometimes, your artwork needs translating, too!
  • Responsive 24/7.   Our linguist network is all over the world, so we never stop working!
  • Typesetting: we don’t just hand you back a file — we hand it back to you ready to use.
  • Proofreading, in context: meaning we proof it the way the field sees it, because, at the end of the day, that’s who counts.
  • Voiceovers: because you have enough to do, we will source your voice talent in the native tongue of your project and make your video perfect and ready for show and tell!

Take action today, and you can be on your way to international success by getting in touch with me. I’ll explain how quickly we can get your material back in your hands, translated and ready to use.
While you’re here, don’t leave without grabbing a copy of my FREE book, The 7 Most Common Mistakes Networking Companies make when Translating their Marketing Materials.

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Chris Martin and the Yavaway Team
P.S. No serious Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company will trust their marketing or legal material to anaverage writer, nor would they trust their translations to an average translation service, unless they only
want an average job.
Free Report will save you time and money:
The 7 Most Common Mistakes Networking Companies make when Translating their Marketing Material

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PPS: In case you’re wondering if we cover a specific language, know this: we offer translation services
into all languages – but here are some of the most common MLM targeted languages:

Arabic AR-SA

Bulgarian BG-BG

Burmese MY-MM

Chinese Cantonese – Hong Kong (Traditional) ZH-HK

Chinese Mandarin – Singapore (Simplified) ZH-SG

Chinese Mandarin – Taiwan (Traditional) ZH-TW

Croatian HR-HR

Czech CS-CZ

Danish DA-DK

Dutch NL-NL

English EN-GB

Finnish FI-FI

French (Standard) FR-FR

German DE-DE

Greek EL-GR

Hungarian HU-HU

Indonesian ID-ID

Italian IT-IT

Japanese JA-JP

Khmer KM-KH

Korean KO-KR


Latvian LT-LT

Lithuanian LV-LV

Malay MS-MY

Norwegian NO-NO

Polish PL-PL

Portuguese PT-PT

Romanian RO-RO

Russian RU-RU

Serbian SR-RS

Slovak SK-SK

Slovenian SL-SI

Spanish (European) ES-ES

Spanish (Latin America) ES-MX

Swedish SV-SE

Tagalog TL-PH

Thai TH-TH

Turkish TR-TR

Vietnamese VI-VN
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