What if your company slogan was translated into “Suffer from Diarrhea”?

Sure you laugh. That couldn’t happen to us. No self-respecting Network Marketing corporation would let that tagline slip through the cracks and end up in your new Spanish marketing materials.
So you think.
Well, Coors, one of the largest beer companies with deep pockets, Madison Avenue “ad men” and top translation agencies got the runs.
Perhaps you remember their famous American slogan, “Turn it Loose”?
Sure you do.
And now you’re laughing at how that slogan got past check after check after check, printers, video editors, and all those that a bureaucracy as big as Coors and their MadMen advertising agency have, yet it still made it to the Spanish market.
Yes, no one at the Coors local Spanish office questioned it, until the public had a field day.
You see, if your translations are badly done, no one questions it until the public sees it.
Everyone just assumes you know what you’re doing, and you assume your team knows what it’s doing.
In the case of MLM companies, our public are prospects looking for a reason to join, or an excuse to say “no”.
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Being told your product will cause them to “suffer from diarrhea” is an excuse good enough for anyone to look elsewhere for an opportunity.
What happened to Coors won’t happen to you, IF you use Yavaway, the world’s only MLM and Direct Sales translation agency.
You see, we provide you with localized reviews – in context.
Simply put, we put your final translated material in the hands of a linguist who will review your material in its final stage of pre-production, just before your sales force sees it – and more importantly, before their prospects see it.
You can avoid the runs by using Yavaway MLM Translation company to make sure you look right and sound right.
We speak MLM and dozens of other languages too.
The cost?
Well, we are less expensive than Madison Avenue and more expensive than “one-hour” translation, freelancer boiler rooms.
But bottom-line is: We won’t let you down.
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