What is the Way of the Yava?

What is the Way of the Yava as in Yavaway?
Many years ago I had worked on a friend’s project called “Yavaweb” that consisted of offering website templates, and the name stood for “you have a web” site/presence. I liked the diminutive Yava for the phrase, “You have a,” because it was easy to get good domain names with it. In 2001, I moved to Panama to work on a new project involving tech and management for a direct sales business. By the time this new project came to an end, I had solved hundreds of challenges by applying the right technology. On April 23, 2009, I registered Yavaway.com with the intention to use the name for promoting technology solutions to problems that need a “way” out as in “You have a way with Yavaway.”
In 2011, when I was first approached to proofread a website in French, my native language, and was surprised to see the inconsistencies, I naturally found that there were “ways” to build translation and terminology data specific to an industry – but no such language data existed for the Direct Sales / Network Marketing industry I was so very familiar with. The focus of Yavaway became translation, or more specifically, Translation Projects and Data Management.
But Chris, you haven’t addressed the 1st question – What is the Way of the Yava?
Well, it turns out that “Yava” is a Kimbu word. (Kimbu is one of the languages of Tanzania).
According to the “Webster’s Kimbu to English Thesaurus Dictionary,” the Tanzanian word “yava” means “to gather;” some synonyms are to meet, assemble, reap, harvest, derive, gain… There’s no better word to define what we do which is help you gather business around the world by bringing YOUR world closer together (“to gather”).
There’s no better word to define a system that helps people come together and gather success globally.
Yavaway’s mission is to ensure that you can market your products or services anywhere on the planet and not be burdened with language management issues and translation challenges. We focus on accurately translating the tricky vocabulary associated with the Network Marketing industry which includes nutrition, legal, technical and lots of marketing terminology.

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