What’s the most efficient way to deal with Yavaway, your expert in language translation management, so you can make the most out of your international roll-out and expansion?

This is an important question, because it will save you money and make you money – if you can align yourself with the “best practice” method.
Best practice here is when our client, you, has identified and approved individuals who are in charge of placing orders, while we at Yavaway “stickhandle” all of your company’s translation needs.
It can be any number of market managers, for example, as long as they have the approval to submit translations jobs.
The advantage here is time.  If your approved market manager in an Asian or European time zone submits jobs to us in their time, we can get started right away, as your assigned translators likely live in these same time zones.
If your manager must wait for the U.S. office to open to get their request approved, and then have the U.S. office submit the job to us, this adds time and adds to your burden of tracking. 
Consider this. Your dedicated linguist is not on U.S. time. By not streamlining this procedure, you often are adding 24 to 36 hours.
Approved managers are those who “own” the position and understand that Yavaway works best when they consider us as a 24-hour extension of their marketing department – after all, we are your language translation management team.
This assigned person works closely with us to ensure that each job is not only done faster, but is also reviewed sooner by their colleagues with DIRECT communication with the translators, again, all in the same time zone.
I’d like to make an important point here: All languages are contextual and are “alive” – meaning that even in the original language, you will find different opinions on how something should be expressed.


Yavaway translates what we receive, but we often get two types of feedback. Either there is a technical error, perhaps a complex phrasing, or someone just doesn’t like the way it was said.  
In the latter cases, we typically find our translators were correct (keep in mind that years of experience combined with extensive language tools at their disposal gives them an advantage), but we are always willing to listen. It’s the constant feedback between you and Yavaway that makes us the first choice for network marketing companies taking their business around the globe.
For example, if an order comes through for a new copy of your compensation plan in Japanese, Yavaway can work with your point person to ensure that this very important legal document is letter perfect by allowing your point person to coordinate feedback with your Japanese-speaking office directly with your assigned translator.
This direct communication means that your reviewer can speak or reach our linguist (your linguist) without anyone’s ego playing in the middle.
There are 100’s of subtle variations in a comp plan that have to be translated right.  
Your linguist – our translator –  is only interested in getting it perfect.  
They are trained and know what they are doing.
But there may be nuances in some documents that require that second go over by your side, together with your assigned linguist.
Few translation providers allow this direct contact.  
But if your translations are overseen by Yavaway, we follow the Network Marketing Credo, “we put our ego in our back pocket,” and only want to make your important legal and marketing documents letter perfect.
This type of close communication can’t be done without our caring, responsible translation manager to connect to you . Some of our clients have in excess of 20 languages. Because we break down all of your jobs by “Accounts”, you always know where your money was spent – accounting will never bother you!
After all, your company is spending a lot of money marketing in other nations and cultures. Isn’t it worth it to follow best practice and have our translation manager help you along?
Chris Martin
P.S. Why do we trust our trained linguists to be in direct contact with a client when few of our competitors do?
Simple, we are not a bidding shop.
Run-of-the-mill type translation agencies profit by having translators “bid” against each other in the cloud for jobs. This means they have no loyalty to the company; there is no training invested by the company in a linguist, and lastly you are never likely to get the same translator twice. The last thing that translator wants is to be pulled back onto a job he’s already been paid for to defend his work and or make changes. 
That’s why we are as different from other translation services as you are from regular, traditionally structured marketing companies.
We both speak MLM.
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