Format and File types: Yavaway expert MLM translation always returns files in the same way you sent them to us, so they are ready to use.

Typically, if an agency doesn’t have experience with presenting MLM opportunities or presenting nutritional products and so on, or if you’re dealing with a freelancer who doesn’t have the range of skills you need, then your materials will be returned to you as a big mess.

We Speak MLM!
We Speak MLM!

It’s very important that it’s done properly. Let me tell you what happened to an unnamed client. At a convention, this client was delivering his keynote PowerPoint, but it had a word in there that didn’t jive, and all of a sudden, while he’s giving a serious talk, everybody starts laughing. The CEO of the company asked what was happening from the stage and was told by the audience, “Your PowerPoints don’t make sense.”
Imagine the Monday morning meeting this CEO had with his marketing communication director. “Who did the presentation?”
“Oh, it was Tom in customer service. He speaks Russian. He did it.”
It turned out while Tom said he speaks Russian, he’s been in the U.S. for 20 years and ended up using his Russian girlfriend’s father to help. The result was a disaster that embarrassed the CEO and tarnished the image of the company.
Now bear in mind that each distributor paid a lot of money to attend that convention. They often pay for an extra ticket to bring along a prospect as well. They paid for hotel rooms, flights, buses, team meetings, ads, and so did the company.
But to save a nickel on translation, the company was laughed at. The CEO was laughed at. People now perceive that company as one that doesn’t take their culture seriously.
Too often a company will end up spending a dollar, because they tried to save a nickel.
Or you can just use Yavaway from the get-go.
It’s better for us to receive your material without you making translation attempts. Just give us the PowerPoint in the PowerPoint format. Leave it in the original source format, and we will deliver the translation back to you like that.
WordPress to WordPress, HTML to HTML, videos to videos, PowerPoints to PowerPoints, Graphics to Graphics, Yavaway expert linguists and desktop publishers will return your translation to you ready-to-use in the same format that it was received.
Easy Peasy.
Why? Because we are not just a translation agency.  Yavaway is your language service provider that expertly translates your material and returns it to you ready-to-use.
Yavaway will deliver all your Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing translation tasks, translate all materials needing desktop publishing, and deliver you back your DTP in the same format that you submitted it in.  This way you don’t have to go back to your design team and trust them to try to figure out a foreign language.
Yavaway also translates video subtitles, does video encoding, adds translated video captions, translated voice-overs, as well as translated CMS updates in all languages, and in any format. Again, when we deliver you back your video, it’s ready to go, ready to show off to the field.
We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the direct sales, MLM, and network marketing industry.
Just like you, we speak MLM!
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