The Yavaway MLM translation science behind video translating: Part 1

Video is probably the most-used and fastest-growing method of marketing.
If you’re in distributor services and have a number of videos in English, how can you make them effective in another language market?
What do you have to do? Do you transcribe the video, send it to Yavaway for translation, and then hire someone to do subtitling? Or should you find voice talent yourself for the voice-over and hire expensive video editors? That a lot of work.
That’s also 100% the wrong way.

Some companies think they’re saving money by going to a freelancer and by dealing with different parties for each component of the process. Remember, the part of your video that gets translated is the audio. That means the video needs to be transcribed first, before the translation.
When it comes to transcribing video, there are tons of services out there, but Yavaway has never found one that does a perfect job. They always make mistakes, because nowadays, again, it’s just machine translation.
These companies can only profit if they use machine transcription software and then hire some human to quickly review it to try to spot mistakes. But most of the time, when you pay a low price for doing this, what’s going to happen is you’re going to have a lot of spelling mistakes or MLM jargon errors.
This way your freelancer gets a transcription that may not be accurate or is full of spelling mistakes. They’re working from a document that’s not correct.
Again, it’s part of the humor we get to enjoy, because when we look at these videos, we often find that the message has changed completely, sometimes even absurdly.
Even though all of us at Yavaway don’t speak 30 languages, we speak MLM perfectly well. When we review a document or transcript, if the transcriber or one of our customers has a hard time with an expression, because there are a lot of them in our industry, we’re on it.
That’s one of the biggest reasons Yavaway encourages people to use an expert language service provider. Don’t go to a freelance transcriptionist or translator. As an expert language service provider, Yavaway doesn’t want you to do transcription. We will do it. We will not only do the transcription, but we will also make sure it expresses your message exactly.
Often Yavaway will have to shorten the text, because most translations of English will generate more words in the target language. If you leave it to your freelance translator, they will not know what can be taken out and what can be left in. You’ll find your video is as bad as a subtitled, 1970’s low-budget, Kung Fu movie. And Ka-Pow — your video is worthless.
How Yavaway Does It
When we are given a transcription that is already in place, we often have to redo it from scratch, because there is a science behind transcribing subtitles. Yavaway will make sure your concepts and ideas will fit on the screen. This way the flow is natural. However, this is time consuming. You can’t trust a one-time, freelance transcriptionist to be as concerned about your image as much as your long-term partner, Yavaway.
Yavaway will deliver all your Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing translation tasks, translate all materials needing desktop publishing and deliver you back your DTP in the same format that you submitted it in.  This way you don’t have to go back to your design team and trust them to try to figure out a foreign language.
Yavaway also translates video subtitles, does video encoding, adds translated video captions, translated voice-overs, as well as translated CMS updates in all languages, and in any format. Again, when we deliver you back your video, it’s ready to go, ready to show off to the field.
We are Yavaway, the only language service provider dedicated to the direct sales, MLM, and network marketing industry.
Just like you, we speak MLM!
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