Why the name “YAVAWAY” as in You hAVe A WAY ?

It is not just for the play on words but also because the word “yava” conveys our larger mission to bring the world closer together (via translation) and our more specific purpose of helping companies within the Direct Sales industry grow multilingual.  Indeed, “yava” is a Kimbu word (Kimbu is one of the languages of Tanzania) and as a verb, yava means “to gather”. It can mean to assemble, to congregate, to meet, to converge… “yava also means to accumulate, amass, collect, earn, reap, acquire, gain, harvest… Indeed, YAVAWAY is, for our clients, particularly Network Marketing (aka Multi Level Marketing or MLM) operations, a way to reap the rewards of going global “yava is a powerful little word to define a big thing we do: No matter where your company goes & grows, we will make you look like you belong there!

Today, Yavaway is trusted by Multimillion-Dollar MLM Companies as some of our clients are part of the $100 million sales club and are also listed in the top 100 in the world (as per the Direct Selling News). We speak MLM – It’s not jargon to us.

We are the only translation company that specializes in translation for Multi Level Marketing companies. ‘We speak MLM’ means we know the industry, the terms and the business as a whole, inside and out. We cover all language combinations/sectors and can take care of your retail, packaging, marketing, financial, legal, technical, training and anything else you have.

Our mission is to make sure you hit the ground running. You know you can’t afford to lose your reputation on a ‘Google’ translation or an inadequate human version. Your finished translation is reviewed by a trained and experienced marketer from both a corporate and a field perspective.

Are you ready to pull the trigger and expand?

Ready to take on new business outside of your home market?

Perhaps you just need some information and have someone walk you through the process?

The process is very simple and easy.

You can forward to us any type of material (videos, text, website, etc.) in any format (InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, etc.), and we’ll translate it in context, accurately and rapidly.

Just know that having the source files will always get you a faster more accurate estimate… or quote.

If you need video subtitles, we can also do that for you. Same with voiceovers.

The volume of work you send will determine time frames for delivery, but we also offer a rush service.

We are always straight forward and keep you informed of expected delivery even if it changes.

It’s always best to let us know your hard deadlines.

That is the critical factor.

To make passing along your source material quick and easy, we provide you with an online platform for submitting (and retrieving) your material.

Of course, you can always just submit/retrieve the info by email or via any cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

The most important part of our relationship is the fact that we speak MLM, and after over 30 years in the industry, we know the culture.

As you know, our industry has its own vocabulary, jargon and expressions. Needless to say, the worst thing a networking company can do is go into a new market and look foolish to prospective distributors.

Making your company look good is our strength, and we consider you as a partner, not just as a customer – hence, we do guarantee satisfaction.